2020-2021 Remote Learners Expectations

2020-2021 Remote Learners Expectations
Posted on 08/27/2020

Reminders Remote Learning


The expectation of Remote Learning is that you “attend class” by utilizing the device the school has provided you at the given time(s) in which your teacher has instructed you/has class/class period/etc.

  • If you fail to be attending class and/or completing the given work, you will be marked as absent for the day
  • Being marked absent for the day will lead to your student(s) name being sent to truancy due to the lack of schoolwork being completed and/or school being attended
  • If expectations of attendance and schoolwork have not been met the school district will not be promoting your student to the next grade for the fall of 2021.
  • As a reminder if you cannot full-fill the time slots provided for remote learning, we ask that class work that was done be completed and turned in to your child(s) given teacher by 9:00 PM that day to gain attendance credit for the school day (NOT Homework just the classwork completed during the school day is due by 9:00 PM).


Times of Remote Learning run from 8:00 AM-2:00 PM.  During this time teachers are instructing and catering to students that are in person as well as students that are remoting into the classroom.  Due to the tremendous time commitment to both remote learners and in person learners our teachers will be taking a step back from this time to answer emails and class messages to focus on their instruction and the students in front of them both in person and remotely.


We have designed the time from 2:00-3:00 PM each day for any remote student/parent to email/call/message to get extended assistance beyond what is given during the regular 8-2 class time. Any extension of time needed from the teacher beyond these time slots is at the discretion of the teacher.  It is their choice of when and how they choose to respond.  Please be patient as we continue to work to improve our systems of instruction to accommodate our students.


Please be considerate of the teacher’s time outside of the school day.  Please remember they are using this time to not only prepare lessons and activities for both remote learners but also in-person learners.  They are also using this time to be with their families, be mom or dad to their own children who are also most likely trying to navigate in-person and remote learning during these trying times.


Over the past two weeks we have had many inquiries from parents to teachers providing several excuses as to why their student is not completing the given work as provided.  Below have been a few that have been brought to the administration and the answers given


If you have question or comments about Remote Learning and your child’s class please do not hesitate to email or call Mr. Burcenski, Mrs. Mangrich, or Mr. Farris


Please see below for various scenarios that teachers have been asked the past few weeks.



Q: I am unable to have my student log into the given Google Classroom / Zoom Classroom because I do NOT have internet at my home

A: Please contact Mr. Burcenski or Mrs. Mangrich requesting internet for your devices, Woodland will be happy to provide it


Q: My child is unable to log into the Google Classroom during the 8 am-2 pm school day, thus we have not completed any of the work being assigned

A: Can your child log into the device on their own at your home, your work, or their babysitters to complete the work and remote into the classroom – if not the material is due by 9:00 PM each evening to gain attendance for the day


Q: Why is my teacher not instructing my student at 6:00 PM each evening when I return home from work

A: Our remote learning of instruction from the teacher is provided each day from 8:00-2:00 PM.  You may also make appointments with teachers regarding instruction from 2:00-3:00 to further instruction and provide guidance as needed.  Our remote instruction does not extend to after hours


Q: I emailed my teacher with questions at 6:48 PM this evening.  It is now 9:04 PM and they have not responded.

A: Teachers are required to answer emails/messages sent to them during the school day as quickly as they can based upon their instructional schedule.  We require that they respond to you within 24 hours during the week.  Emails after hours is their time and their choice.  This is also their time with their families, please be courteous of their time each evening and why they may not be communicating back as quickly as you may like


Q: My student is remote, and I have a question regarding an assignment.  I asked at 9:00 AM and the teacher did NOT get back to me until 2:00 PM.

A: The teacher is instructing class during the school day, much of the time doing things back to back with few to little breaks to check email and messages.  Teachers will most likely reply to most messages regularly from 2:00-3:00 PM each day because of their instructional schedule


Q: My student has not completed any of the work. It doesn’t matter though; Woodland will pass my child to the next grade next year no matter what

A: Woodland has no plans to promote students who do not attend school either in person or remotely without completion of coursework as assigned by the teacher


Q: You cannot do anything to my child for them not completing work because I picked remote and do not have him do the work while I am at work or home with him

A: Your child will be turned into truancy for their failure to attend school either in person or remotely as well as for not completing any of the work assigned by the teacher 


Q: My child does not need the instruction, just give us the worksheets and the work and we will get it done and turned back into you.  If we have a question, we will ask

A: Unless circumstances arise as cleared by an administrator, it is the expectation that a student is logged into live meetings each class period/throughout the school day.  We are not going to be in the habit of supplying a worksheet/work without instruction.  Instruction is crucial to our student’s learning process.  Just handing out work to be completed as busy work goes against the processes and procedures being put in place to accommodate school during this pandemic.


Q: Parent stating they do NOT know how to log into google classroom or zoom and therefore can not complete the work on Wednesdays.

A: Please let the teacher know you as a parent need help with logging in before Wednesday.  Your child practices many times a day logging in and out of the classroom and doing the work, also ask them for assistance as well.  Many of our teachers in the lower grades have developed videos and sent home detailed directions to login – please use them to complete the times needed to login and gain instruction

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